Softphones allow users to make VoIP calls directly over their computer, but with recent mobile trends many developers have begun integrating softphone software directly onto users’ mobile devices (smart phones and tablets). As a result, users are given the same softphone features they would have on their desktop.


Take your extensions anywhere with web access

Our soft phone PBX extensions for your web browser gives you the ability to handle your communication tasks straight from your laptop. From faxes to SMS messages you can utilize the necessary features that GO Telecom has to offer. Web PBX integrations are what many businesses are missing to give them full functionality to keep up with top competitors in their industry. Don’t get caught behind the curve with your communication ability, instead get GOing in the right direction and take your business anywhere.

Softphone Application for Your Mobile Device

With Businesses constantly on the move, GO Telecom has created a way that you can stay a step ahead of any unexpected business matter. Through the soft phone mobility app, you can take your calls anywhere that you have sufficient cellular data service. Features such as voicemail, contacts, send and receiving SMS and even video calls will be at your fingertips with this easy to use interface. Incoming and outgoing VoIP calls are just as easy as making a cellular call on your Apple or Android but will show your direct DID. The beauty of the app is your customers will never know that you are not in the office.


  • Make and answer calls on your computer.
  • The softphone feature is part of the desktop app.
  • Plug in a headset or simply use your computer’s speakers and microphone to turn any internet-connected computer into an intelligent softphone and call controller.
  • Seamless integration with company directory and Gotel cloud; easily make a call to any of your contacts with a simple click.


Transform your computer into a powerful phone with Gotel softphone options. This all-inclusive desktop solution converts  your work station into a softphone capable of calls, fax, text, conferencing, and more.

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  • Intuitive interface provides you with a single view of multiple calls. Easily switch calls, mute calls, or send callers to voicemail.
  • Easily park a telephone call at a virtual location and retrieve it from any other phone or softphone in your system—even a mobile device can pick up a parked call.
  • Seamlessly flip an ongoing call to your desk phone, computer, or mobile device.
  • Transfer a call to any phone number or extension.
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